Sunday, January 20, 2013

Having Been Given.......

Having been given six pieces of cat patterned material last month I decided it was time that they became something, so, I made myself a set of place mats, seeing that I am busy making them for everyone else, I thought it was time I had some of my own.

I was told a few weeks ago by a veteran seamstress that the way I make place mats is not correct, that I do not finish them off the right way.
Well, me being me, I have decided to keep doing them the wrong way, seeing as conforming is not something I do in any case.
This is the fifth set that I have made, "my way" and already I have noted that I am getting much quicker and also a little more uniform with the shape.
Plus I am doing them a different way to how I started off.
But, it is still the wrong way according to some!

First of all I pin a piece of wadding and  two pieces of material together right side facing in, wadding on the bottom. 
 Then I use a straight stitch and go around three sides, keeping as close to the edge as possible, whilst attempting to maintain a straight line.
 After that I turn it right side out, and flatten it out, making sure I push as much of the corners out from the inside.

 Then it is time to press with a hot iron.
 Turning the last edges over, again pressing, and pinning into place.
 Back to the machine, and I have now started to use a zigzag stitch to do the border, and today I also used a fancy cotton, in various shades of green.
Signs of getting adventurous!

 With the border done I then turn the piece over, and then do two lines diagonally across the place mat, to secure the wadding in place. I try to do this slowly, as that seems to keep my lines straighter.

 And there they are, my six vibrant and individual place mats.

 I am not at all bothered about the fact that they do not match, I like things bright and cheery and slightly alternative in any case.
 Plus I have a wacky taste in plates too, so they work wonderfully well together.........


luksky said...

Nice and very eclectic!

Gemel said...

Thanks Laura, will start yours next weekend :)

Mandi said...

Well done you ....clever clogs :-)

Mandi said...

Well done you...clever clogs..:-)