Sunday, January 27, 2013

Grandmother Orb Spider......

 Grandmother orb spider who is safe and nurtured at my sons's home, like me he kills nothing and allows all manner of critters to live in harmony within the boundaries of his home.
 We could count five orb spiders in this web, all blissfully enjoying an early morning breakfast oblivious to our intrigued stares of awe.
 So many intricate societies surround us, each of them wondrous and balanced, to end the lives of the tiny beings that live along side us is shameful, as they too are here for a reason.
 Each time I view the mastery of nature I am captivated by the grace each species brings to this realm. 
 Simple moments bestow upon us the greatest gifts......

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luksky said...

When we lived in Alabama we used to have these huge Banana Spiders (not sure if that's their real name, but that's what we called them)that would build their webs on our front porch. We use to watch them build webs and catch prey all the time. Spiders are very interesting to watch.