Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Beauty surrounds us everywhere, even in those times of quiet desperation or periods of great anguish. 
Often the simple act of sitting and watching is all that it takes to remind you of the beautiful soul you are, and to recall the spark of purity that rests within your heart centre.
We are taught to forget our galactic roots as the modern world seeks to replace nature with technology further creating a greater divide between the peoples of the globe.
If all of us could set a little time to sit in stillness each and every day whilst giving intent to send out love to all other beings upon the planet, to send love to the forests, the oceans and the lands ravaged from war and destruction, we would begin to see a vast shift in all aspects of our beautiful planet.
Healing would truly begin.
We are not here to fight against one another, nor to create pain and suffering to other species, we are here to spread our love and live a life of harmony and freedom........

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