Monday, December 24, 2012


Waking after having a dream of being once again in the majestic tipi hidden in the foothills, having several huge Avatar type Beings performing a ceremony over me I felt compelled to drive up to this sacred and magical place.
Having been away from this divine space and the community for eight months it was high time to reconnect.
Driving around the bend and catching the first glimpse of this mystical property I realised I had been away too long.
Then the strangest thing, when I arrived no one else was there, so I headed straight to the tipi to sit in reverence for the gift of my being, feeling the presence of those who had visited me in the realm of dreams strongly around me.
Silent was the world, only the gentle rustling of leaves, and the odd call of a nearby bird broke the cleansing silence, my soul suddenly releasing the stagnant energy that had resided within me for the entirety of my recent past.
Being summoned in this manner is not an unusual occurrence for me, for it is often that the realm of spirit speak to me this way, guiding and supporting my earthly jaunt.
Sitting in gratitude for the gift of the lessons that had come my way was an emotional time, where finally all was freed back to the cosmos activating a massive shift.
Being the summer/winter solstice, and the ending of a world age, I realise the enormous importance of me having listened to the inner calling, time for self induced purgatory had reached it's crescendo and I was infused with the knowledge of my boundless worth as a infinite spark of divine light.
Hearing an approaching vehicle I ended my meditation and went to reconnect with my kin.
Expressing the love that was present is difficult, but one thing was certain, I had found my way home to those who share my vision, realising how much I was missed and loved had me shedding once again tears of utter joy.
To be seen for who you are is beyond compare.
Spending many hours in the company of these gentle souls accentuated my actions of this day, showing me with whom to share my remaining Earthly visit.
Leaving with a soul filled with unconditional love, gifts from the hummingbird and paulo santo I began the journey home cleansed and grateful.
Around halfway home however, my attention was drawn to the skies, to my right I gazed up in awe, as right above me a perfect colossal cloud in the shape of a human skull regarded me as I drove.
Unlike normal cloud formations this one did not shift nor change shape, it kept time with me for well over 20 minutes penetrating me with it's eyeless stare.
There was meaning to this highly unusual moment, and briefly I checked myself for leaving my camera at home, but as that thought momentarily crossed my mind, I understood this experience was solely for me. 
The message given was clear, my death had been complete, my purging achieved.
In the three days since this beautiful moment I have shifted, realigned and regained my beaming inner light.
Gratitude for my human life and all the gifts my challenges offer me sees me walking into each pure new morn that greets me, I understand that plans are no longer required, nor shall I award myself limitations of any fashion.
Life and time is art, a glorious canvas that sends each of us endless possibilities to create Heaven on Earth every waking moment........ 

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Hope you're having a happy Christmas Day wherever you are. And beware of excesses, whether for food or drink.