Saturday, December 01, 2012

There Is.....

 There is nothing I like better than stormy weather, blustery howling winds, pelting rains.
This week I was delighted that we had two days of this wild weather to enjoy, at times though I wondered if my house would survive the onslaught as the rain slammed against it.
 Arriving at my local beach to feel the intensity as the storm blew in from the ocean had me giggling as I fought hard to stay upright, the wind was so powerful a few times I had to grab hold of a rail to make sure I did not take off.
Being out in this weather, especially near the beach has a cathartic effect on me, I feel absolved.
With the nearing conclusion of this current world age, the ending of a cycle, I have found much sense in my own intimate journey here in this earthly realm, seeing the need to purge and release what no longer serves me, allowing me to walk unburdened into the fresh pages of my tomorrows, I understand it had to be dark, painful and isolating to allow myself to completely clear old patterns, to move forward lighter and free of past conditioning.
Standing here on the edge of a cliff with the force of the Universe whipping around me I acknowledged this end of times, and understood completely all that lays behind me, seeing that the dark days that have been my companions were required to atone me ready for the changes that are flying towards me in the virgin terrain of my tomorrows.......

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