Sunday, December 09, 2012

Spirit Has.....

 Spirit has really settled down into family life since I rescued him three years ago.
Gone are his wandering and elusive ways, disappearing for days on end have now ended, he is content to sit inside and soak up the luxury of his new forever home, playing with his siblings.
There is nothing quite so gratifying as saving another being, seeing the transformation from a tough street cat who had to rely in his instincts to get him through each day, to a family cat who never has to worry about where his next meal or safe place to sleep will come from, he now is showered with unconditional love.
He has become increasingly more affectionate and playful, which I assume is because he now feels secure and loved.
Giving from the heart in this fashion bestows me with endless satisfaction and joy, for nothing money can buy even comes close to what is retuned to me endlessly from saving another.......

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Cloudia said...

You are a healer of cats.

Aloha to YOU from Waikiki
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