Sunday, December 16, 2012

Seeing Life......

 Seeing life simply grants never ending peace, showering you with complete tranquillity in this chaotic and increasingly disconnected world.
With all the negativity that is raining down upon us daily it is difficult to remain centred as around you the anger of others and the mayhem of society fights to drown you.

Taking time to stop and look at the truly wonderful gifts surrounding us is not something many do, yet, if they did so perhaps more harmony would enter society again.
Hiding away in my garden sanctuary has been my saviour, for without it I do not know how I would continue to survive in the madness that encircles me, rage is overtaking so many people as they live so disconnected from Source, from love.

In my own recent experiences with rude and aggressive people I am shocked that bad behaviour is becoming increasingly accepted as an excuse for being busy, aggression towards another is never acceptable, and I am saddened by the amount of people who are behaving like this. 
Many children are becoming more violent as society spirals out of control, and I am wondering what sort of world they will create for themselves in the coming years, what awaits this planet?

Retreating into the quiet confines of my urban retreat is the only way I can cope in dealing with my continued presence in this realm, as time speeds up and this world age draws to a close the purging of the planet and it's people is reaching it's crescendo.
With main stream media feeding people with wanting and needing things they don't require, promoting hatred and wars is it any wonder millions are disconnection from who and what they really are, a magnificent fragment of divine perfection.
A peace of God.

It is my belief that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, we are all one of the same, I am you and you are me, we need to stop being humans doing, and return to humans beings residing in the heart centre and seeing all other life forms as an extension of the self.
Seeing that anger, aggression, wars, and greed do not serve us in any way.
It is time for the sleepers to awaken, for it will only be then that destruction against the planet and all our earthly kin will cease and tranquillity will reign ........

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