Sunday, December 09, 2012

My Latest Creation......

 My latest creation is this lovely gift bag. 
No longer shall I wrap gifts I give to others now that I have mastered the art of making a simple shopping bag.
 Once again I studied one of my own shopping bags and measured the panels and then copied how it was put together.
 After sewing it together the wrong way the first time, I unpicked it and began again, it is lined with a lemon cotton fabric which I thought gave it a more professional finish, and I made certain that I strengthened the handles by sewing the join to the bag in several directions.
The result I must confess impressed me, I was pleased with my first ever attempt.
Packed with the owl place mats I was so excited as I left the house to meet my friend to give her her gift.
 Sitting waiting for her I was wondering what she would think of my gifts.
Whether she would like them.

 I need not have been concerned, I have not seen anyone so touched by being given something, she was overjoyed, and so utterly surprised that I had made these within in days of owning a sewing machine, with no experience, patterns or lessons, but mostly, she knew how much love had been put into this very personal gift........

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luksky said...

Lovely. I have been sewing for years and I STILL have to pluck out my mistakes pretty