Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Harvesting The Catnip......

 Harvesting the catnip was this mornings family activity, Spirit especially LOVES the catnip harvest.
Not one to visit the plant in the garden, when I am pruning the catnip he appears from nowhere to make sure it is up to his standards.
 With his nose buried deep, it is the one time I notice that he is oblivious to all around him completely lost in sensual heaven.
 No response to his name, nor any attempts to get his attention.
Catnip magic has his undivided attention.

 Tarmie on the other hand could not figure out what was all the fuss was about.
He adores dried catnip, especially in his toys, but judging by the look on his face, he was a little confused as to Spirit's sudden interest.
 Even with pruning the plant still has loads of flowers left, many bees and hover flies visit daily collecting nectar for their nearby homes.
Also I have noticed an abundance of ladybirds, which is possibly why I have few other insects that eat in the garden, ladybirds love to dine on aphids, scales and mites.
 Pixie came to sniff the freshly trimmed plant, but, like her younger brother was not overjoyed, nor intoxicated by it's scent.
Interestingly though, catnip tea use to be the preferred tipple of the English until black tea was introduced from China, and of course in ancient Egypt, catnip was considered sacred to Bast the Cat Goddess and was grown profusely during this time.
It also is a terrific sleep aide, if used as a tea prior to retiring for the night, also, it can aide in digestion and cramps of the stomach, if a fresh catnip leaf is chewed it will relieve headaches, and smoking the dried herb was used in ancient time to treat asthma and bronchitis, also if added to tobacco of one attempting to cut down or quit smoking catnip assists with the withdrawal process. However, smoked on its own it has been known to induce a fit of the giggles.
In my opinion, a handy little addition to every garden.........

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ioan moldovan said...

Your cats are very beautiful as always!
Many greetings!