Thursday, December 20, 2012

As Time.....

 As time zooms along taking me ever closer to the new world age, a time of transition for the planet and for myself.
A time for new beginnings.
A time of letting go.
A time for personal evolution. 
 As I looked back over the recent history of my own life story I know these last three years have been perhaps the most challenging to date, as in this time I made many life changes as I went in search of the meaning of my life, of being a human and of finding some sense as to why I am dwelling in this realm.
As I went ambling along I did for a time forget my power of manifestation, and thus created many scenarios that took me deeper into a chasm of great anguish and separation.
For in this time I attracted to myself many lessons that have taken me to the darkest place I could have imagined, where the gloom that entered my soul created havoc within my body vessel as I lost my path and believed that these bleak situations were real, that there was no way out of the mayhem surrounding me.
What I had forgotten during this period of self cleansing, was that I had to eradicate everything that no longer serves me, the only way to do this was to manifest situations and people into my life story that would take me through the process of extinguishing these vibrations from my souls story completely, so that I may move forward into the new age free of constrictions of the past.
As this world age draws to a close I had to acknowledge the depths of darkness that had visited me this year, of how completely it threatened to overtake me on more than one occasion.
Sitting in gratitude for my own presence I see what boons these situations were.
For suddenly many things are changing.
As I step into my tomorrows I do so with the clarity of an open and thankful heart, for instead of wishing to be back in the realm of love from whence I came, I have remembered why I am here, on this planet as she transcends along with me.
To share my light.
To be love and to live from the heart.

Being a human is not something I have ever enjoyed, I connect deeper with those of the animal and plant realms than I have ever done with any of my peers, realising that this only hampered my connections with others, thus sending me people and situations that only confirmed my beliefs, now though, things are changing, for suddenly new humans are entering the fray, and with them comes the opportunity of endless new and exciting possibilities.

Life as I knew it is over.
It is now time to step forth into the virgin terrain of my tomorrows where I shall pen my coming days without fear, where there is only one presence allowed to reside.
The presence of love.
Reclaiming my own inner power and returning to the way of the heart is why not only I am here, but why we are all here.
Love is the only way forward.
Love for the self, and for all others, regardless of what they have done to us, to the planet, they are simply another aspect of us still struggling with their own dim light, and trying to find their way home........

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