Monday, December 31, 2012

As The Sun Descends......

 As the sun descends for the final time in 2012 it does so with much relief from me. 
2012 has been a year where not only myself, but many of my friends have experienced ceaseless hardship, heartache, grief, loss and belief of themselves. 
It has been a time of planetary and personal purging, a time to release all that no longer serves us.
 Never before have I welcomed the dawning of a new year, and been so thankful to move forward into a new time, as we all transcend into a new world age we can either open ourselves up to the altered frequencies now bombarding the planet, or, we can remain sleeping to the importance of this dawning of a new age.
 All of us are free to surge forth in the power of unconditional love, for ourselves, and for all of humanity and of course for the plant and animal kingdoms across the globe.
The time for ignorance is over, no longer can we remain slumbering to the interconnectedness of all kin, it is time to remember what being human is really about.

It is not about the humdrum monotony of the nine to five job, or commitments of trying to survive in a world out of balance, a world where nothing makes sense except how much money one earns, what sort of house one has, what car one drives, what possession one has, believing the propaganda of mainstream media whose sole purpose is to keep as many humans as possible unaware of their own unlimited power, to understand that the regimented routines we are forced to follow is not what being human is all about, this way of life is out of balance with who we truly are, it is time to see that time is art and we are all capable of manifesting a world of harmony and of peace.  

 For me personally this last year has been one of utter despair, where I lost my path, and my self belief completely, a time where I assaulted myself with an endless barrage of self hatred as I relived over and over again the old episodes of my life story, allowing negative energies of regret to hamper my creativity and peace, and to punish myself over and over for the mistakes I had made.
Losing my own belief in my purity and worth saw me plummet into the depths of the darkest place I have ever resided in, gone was my belief in my own worthiness, instead I replaced it with self loathing, and even though I was aware of this, attempting to get out of it's clutches has been until this point impossible, instead I decided to  remain in a mindset of worthlessness spiralling out of control into a self induced place of misery.
Being aware throughout this time of how I was creating this only saw me collapse deeper into the folds of anguish, knowing it was I and only I who manifested these feelings.

Waking yesterday morning to voice telling me it was over was all the confirmation I required.
It is time now to step back into my power, to nourish and love myself like never before, to see once again what others see and feel in me.
To regain my purpose, and to acknowledged the gifts of the challenges and self imposed exile in which I resided, understanding what strength I have been offered with the presence of these predicaments,  and the capacity for change these situations have bestowed upon me, for without having resided in the depths of such anguish I would not have been able to release their frequencies from my body vessel, and my life. 

It is time to remember with every cell of this mortal body that I am a divine spark of the All, and that my life has only just begun...................

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Great post, I hope that you have a Great New Year Gemel.