Thursday, December 20, 2012

All Creatures.......

All creatures have the same birthright as us, to live in peace, and without fear of being terminated, each being upon this planet is here for a reason.

Each shares in maintaining the delicate balance of the earth's ecosystem, yet billions of these precious beings are murdered daily as the ignorance of millions see them as pests.

 Luckily for these happy critters they moved into my son's residence, where they can be assured that no chemicals will be used, a place where they are cared for just like the garden oasis they reside in.
 When visiting my son, we often will go and watch the spider folk, marvelling at the way these little empires are constructed, we are not certain what sort of spiders these are, but we have noticed that as they grow bigger they shed their skin, leaving the old skin dangling in their web, perhaps to lure prey into the web?
His garden is a safe haven for many different forms of life, all guarded and protected from harmful chemicals and heavy footed humans.........

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