Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Hideous New Presence.......

 A hideous new presence has appeared a short distance from my little abode.
A sign of the disconnection that encircles me.
The stench from this establishment is vile, I am at odds to even begin to understand how anyone could eat this poisonous garbage presented as food.
More than that though, why does it need to be open for 24 hours per day?  
We are what we eat, and it has been proven time and time again that fast food has no nutritional value at all, that people who eat a diet that regularly includes fast junk food have been found to be seriously unwell, and normally overweight, often grossly.
With "food" like this pumped full of chemicals, flavour enhancers and hormones it is no wonder millions across the globe are addicted to it.
That is the whole idea, all designed to keep as many humans as possible unhealthy and easily programmed, keeping the fast food chain owners rich, and doctors with a steady supply of patients.
It is interesting though to note too, that those that eat such foods are normally completely unaware of what they are eating, and usually prefer not to know if given the opportunity to become educated at what they are doing to their body vessel.
Ignorance is bliss, right?
I have been considering a move, with this new arrival though I may just focus on manifesting a new home, nestled far away from sights such as this......

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Arti said...

What a thoughtful post. Even I stay away from outside food most of the times. You say what is true, we are what we eat.