Sunday, November 11, 2012

There Is..........

There is a fountain of creativity bubbling within us all.
Mine it appears, has raised its artistic head.
Prompted a few weeks ago to stop on the way home to buy supplies was the first indication that something new was rising inside of me.

Well, it was shall I say, a rather unnatural encounter for me, as crafty shops, material and the like has never been something I have been drawn to in any way, yet, out I walked with all of this.

My first attempt of being 'crafty' is this finger puppet, a gift for a little person who celebrates Christmas, not being something I celebrate myself, I wanted to gift him something a little more meaningful than a shop bought present.
It is only tiny, but, I was quite impressed with my first attempt of handicraft. 

As I was sitting creating this, my mind was bubbling with ideas of many more things to create.
Where it is all coming from heaven knows, as suddenly visions of many wonderful designs dance around in my head.
If today's task is anything to go by though, I shall be endlessly lost in hours of productive play, perhaps so much so that summer will pass me by unnoticed.
Well, one can only hope........


luksky said...

Yes, definitely must be something in the air. Myself, I have always had a crafty creative side to me but lately I find that I can't seem to get enough. I dream of creations and when I wake in the mornings I lay in the bed and think about what I am going to create that day. I'm also feeling really creative in the kitchen also, something I for sure have never

Arti said...

Wow! That is so wonderful. And it is so much more better to give hand made gifts rather then just picking something up from a store. I love your creativity and hope your creative juices flow right through the summer as well:)
Have a lovely day Gemel :)