Saturday, November 17, 2012

Surrounding Me....

 Surrounding me is a world of such immeasurable artistry that often when I am out gallivanting I find it difficult to contain a fountain of giggles that rises within me, wishing to burst free, unleashing the unfathomable  glee that caresses me internally.
 Yesterday however I gave into it, allowed the spell of laughter to release itself as I strolled along splashing in the water.
To say I was gazed upon as a somewhat unstable, weird sort of person would be an understatement, for such outlandish behaviour just does not do!
But why ever not?
Why have we been brainwashed since birth to act a certain way, to grow up and act our age, to behave in public.
What is so dreadful with being who you are, wherever you are? 
 If something as simple as splashing along the seaside is enough to bring you so much joy you want to laugh, sing, cry or dance, then why are we told not to do so?
Nature moves me in ways I can not explain.
 It is where I feel seen and so completely accepted as a beautiful fragment of 
God/All That Is/ Universe
It is where I understand why I am here, as, so embraced by love am I, that I feel to inadequate to convey what I feel, in complete honesty, words can not recount the euphoric embrace I am bestowed.
 These moments bring me such great happiness, yet I am unable, because of societies rules to truly express myself openly, truthfully in the exposed spaces of the public domain, none of us are free, if we are conditioned into how to behave from birth until death.
I have hidden myself for my entire life, always having believed how worthless, unlovable, stupid and unattractive I am, given I was told most of it time and time again by various people throughout my story.
In the last three years I had lost my way, my path disappearing out of view as I somehow manipulated myself deeper into a life of following the rules dictated to me, so accomplished at this was I that I manifested myself events and circumstances time and time again to prove to me how right everyone was.
How useless I was.
Until that is, I realised I created it all. 

 Perhaps the time has arrived for the sleeping warrior within to stride forth
confident in her skin and in the wisdom contained within her, to trust the inner messages given and to express myself  without fear of rejection, to know from this moment forward that I am a beautiful and talented being, capable of attaining all she desires.........

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