Thursday, November 01, 2012


 Pondering the deep and challenging changes that are currently occurring in my life, wondering where it is I will find myself in the tomorrows yet to come.
 The swirling winds of change are everywhere, so much discontentment is showering down upon so many of us, Gaia is still ravaging a war against humanity, in a violent fierceness that sees her destroying all in her path.
Sitting in the confines of my modest home I do count my blessing daily, even though I have demands of my own that press me ever forward to continually cleanse my own energies, I have noticed that I am now becoming tired of the constant onslaught of situations that call for me to seemingly test my own inner strength again and again.
The Mayan's foretold that at the ending cycle of this current world age, it would bring with it a purging of the planet and her peoples, seems they were right.
As we all struggle with our own personal dilemmas, watching helplessly as Gaia releases her relentless fury again and again, destroying homes and lives that stand in her way I send thoughts of healing and love to those less fortunate than I, for in the scheme of things my burdens are nothing in comparison to many others. 

Being grateful for the simplicity of my life, even though at times I wonder why the path is such a struggle, for as I recline in the comfort of my haven, surrounded by the unconditional love of three furry companions I realise, I am blessed beyond my comprehension........


Arti said...

What a wonderful thought provoking post. We must all be tested so that we can be strong. Hope all your worries fade away.
Have a nice day Gemel :)

Clik said...

Olá Gemel !
A simplicidade te faz a Vida mais feliz!

Brasil ...................clik.