Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Believe......

I believe there is only One
One benevolent God/Great Spirit/Life Force of the Universes
This benign Being did not write the books or bibles of religion, nor was it he who built the temples or churches where millions go to worship the misrepresentation's of his teachings. 
It is the sleeping humans who are governed by greed and power who continue to promote hatred, wars and separation of the nations, of the peoples of Gaia.
It is time to awaken, time to step away from the mindless babble of the media, to stop listening to the lies of the governments and return to the only holy place you need go to hear the truth.
Your heart.
Love is not reserved for an elite few, nor is happiness or enlightenment. Enlightenment is being aware, you do not have to be a monk or a new age guru to attain it, it is easily attainable by every human on the planet who wishes to return to the way of the heart.
Making the step to wholeness will start with one small decision, the choice to end the illusion of separation, to believe with all of your heart and soul that there is only One experiencing the Earthly realm in millions of aspects of its pure self.
Close your eyes and return to the boundless kingdom of your heart, for it is here, and only here that you will find truth, love and compassion......

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