Sunday, November 11, 2012

Heading North.....

 Heading north for my morning meander yesterday I decided upon Yanchep Lagoon as my starting point, however, instead of continuing north along the easy route I turned around and went the opposite way.
Having only discovered this beach a few weeks ago I came prepared this time with my reef shoes, and of course my camera.
 I tried to keep to the shore line for most of my walk, although at one point I nearly ended up being swept away attempting to cross the reef instead of sticking to the more conventional way of using a path through the sand dunes, I don't really enjoy trekking through the sand dunes, even if there are paths, as the local reptiles are all venomous and if not dealt with straight away after a bite one is not guaranteed survival. 
I tend to get a signal if a snake is close, tingling going up the back of my legs, and I have learnt to listen to this, as I was reluctantly using a pathway through the sand a little further on I stopped, the tingling had began, looking around and just in front of me I noticed snake trails heading from the dunes to the seaweed close to the waters edge, where the snake was did not matter, I turned around and headed back to the safety of the shore, stamping very loudly as I did, just in case said snake was nearby.
 Apart from that little excitement I enjoyed exploring a new watery playground, as always I wandered silently enjoying the endless beauty of natures gift to us.......

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luksky said...

LOVE the beach pics!!