Friday, November 02, 2012

For Those.......

 For those of you who know me, and those that have followed my blog for sometime, you will remember my beloved Blossom,  a soul of such tenderness, who stole my heart from the moment I discovered her near death on the side of the road one hot summer night just after moving to Perth.
 Her appearance in my life was no accident, for, I asked with great passion that I would be given a cat, one who needed a home. I asked the Universe for this only twice, two weeks apart, and within an hour of the second request I was directed to Blossom by a inner voice of great urgency, whose instructions of where to go whilst out on an after dinner walk would not stop until I replied my intention to follow the instructions given.
 I will never forget the moment I saw her, nor will I forget how we connected in the instant I picked her up and held her tight in my arms, knowing that if I had not heeded the voice that called me, she would surely have died, alone and injured on the side of the road.
Blossom's life with me was that of a pampered luxury, I have no idea from where she came, nor how she ended up on the street near death on that hot summers night.
Her past was not important, what was, was the bond we shared, she and I were one.
So content and trusting of me was she that she often accompanied me on the odd day out, as she got older, these jaunts became more frequent, as I never liked to leave her alone.
 Love for an animal is not something all of us manifest, but for me it is part of who I am, without an animal companion I feel empty within.
Blossom touched many who met her, and all were astounded at how long she lived given how frail she became in the last year of her life.
 But right up until the end she would lay in her basket by the front window waiting for my return whenever I was away without her. She knew the sight and sound of my car, as soon as she saw it turning the corner she would get up and shuffle to the garage door, where she would wait until I opened it, then she would have her daily walk to the letterbox.
 Not a day goes by without a thought of her filling my heart, it is still raw even after the three years since her departure, and this will remain until I am one with her once again.
 It took me a great deal of time to move on and regain happiness in my life after her journey home, and for over a year I kept her ashes close to me, not wanting to let her go completely, but one day out of the blue a year after her passing, I bought a flowering cherry tree, and thus decided to scatter her ashes around the tree as I planted it.
 Sadly it has never blossomed, but each year it gets stronger and healthier, and as this years leaves begin to appear, I found myself lost in thoughts of my cherished white beauty, missing her physical presence in my life, and the love she shared with me.......


Cloudia said...

wonderful friends!

Aloha from Waikiki, Friend
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Trina said...

I remember her. She was a lovely spirit.