Friday, November 30, 2012

Last Friday.....

 Last Friday I found myself the proud new owner of a sewing machine, and given that sewing has never been something I have been interested in this was quite an occasion.
Suddenly my head is full with ideas of things to create, however I thought it wise to start off slowly, and these are my first ever creations.
 Place mats for a Christmas gift.
Surprising myself, I had no pattern I was simply inspired to buy certain items, plus, I had no idea if how I planned to make them would work, but within three hours had made eight of these just by following my own intuition.
 They are double sided, plain black material underneath with wadding in the middle to protect surfaces from hot plates. 
I have to say I was very impressed by my inspired project, so much so that all family members and friends shall be given home made gifts from now on......

Thursday, November 29, 2012

And Suddenly......

And suddenly all is transformed
From one simple gift......

Monday, November 26, 2012

Use Those Moments....

Use those moments you find yourself waiting in traffic, or standing in a queue as time to retreat, to go within.
You don't need to close your eyes, although you can it you wish.
Just breathe
Beautiful breaths 
And as you breathe you reconnect to the relaxing Universal pulsation of ALL, you feel it throbbing softly throughout your body.
Everything around you becomes quiet.
Stillness encircles you.
Stress retreats.
Harmony centres you and you feel yourself expanding into everything and everyone around you.
Love radiates from every cell of your body, you are home.......

December 21, 2012 - What will happen

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Looks Like...

Looks like I am no longer able to share photos on my blog unless I pay for it.
Not impressed!
Might have to begin another page...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Everything and everyone that enters your life is a reflection of your inner realm,
a reflection on how you see yourself.
Those who bring anger, do so because this vibration resides within you,
the trick to moving past this is to not re-act.
Quiet the mind and close the mouth, 
learn to see negative situations for what they are, prompts for inner forgiveness.
The more you love yourself,
the more happiness and love will flourish in your story.
Life here on Earth makes little sense to me, and because of this I often hamper my own progress, seeing through the heart paves the way to nothing but

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Your Not.....

 Your not going out again are you?
Well that's it, I am not talking to you!
 Won't look at you either.......

Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Believe......

I believe there is only One
One benevolent God/Great Spirit/Life Force of the Universes
This benign Being did not write the books or bibles of religion, nor was it he who built the temples or churches where millions go to worship the misrepresentation's of his teachings. 
It is the sleeping humans who are governed by greed and power who continue to promote hatred, wars and separation of the nations, of the peoples of Gaia.
It is time to awaken, time to step away from the mindless babble of the media, to stop listening to the lies of the governments and return to the only holy place you need go to hear the truth.
Your heart.
Love is not reserved for an elite few, nor is happiness or enlightenment. Enlightenment is being aware, you do not have to be a monk or a new age guru to attain it, it is easily attainable by every human on the planet who wishes to return to the way of the heart.
Making the step to wholeness will start with one small decision, the choice to end the illusion of separation, to believe with all of your heart and soul that there is only One experiencing the Earthly realm in millions of aspects of its pure self.
Close your eyes and return to the boundless kingdom of your heart, for it is here, and only here that you will find truth, love and compassion......

Saturday, November 17, 2012

First He Was.....

 First he was fed up and gave me "the look" for being on the computer.
 He snuggled up and went to sleep and looked just too damn cute I had to resist waking him up and giving him a cuddle.
 Wakes up after being tickled, well, could hardly resist could I?
 Yawns and stretches and proceeds to bathe.......

Surrounding Me....

 Surrounding me is a world of such immeasurable artistry that often when I am out gallivanting I find it difficult to contain a fountain of giggles that rises within me, wishing to burst free, unleashing the unfathomable  glee that caresses me internally.
 Yesterday however I gave into it, allowed the spell of laughter to release itself as I strolled along splashing in the water.
To say I was gazed upon as a somewhat unstable, weird sort of person would be an understatement, for such outlandish behaviour just does not do!
But why ever not?
Why have we been brainwashed since birth to act a certain way, to grow up and act our age, to behave in public.
What is so dreadful with being who you are, wherever you are? 
 If something as simple as splashing along the seaside is enough to bring you so much joy you want to laugh, sing, cry or dance, then why are we told not to do so?
Nature moves me in ways I can not explain.
 It is where I feel seen and so completely accepted as a beautiful fragment of 
God/All That Is/ Universe
It is where I understand why I am here, as, so embraced by love am I, that I feel to inadequate to convey what I feel, in complete honesty, words can not recount the euphoric embrace I am bestowed.
 These moments bring me such great happiness, yet I am unable, because of societies rules to truly express myself openly, truthfully in the exposed spaces of the public domain, none of us are free, if we are conditioned into how to behave from birth until death.
I have hidden myself for my entire life, always having believed how worthless, unlovable, stupid and unattractive I am, given I was told most of it time and time again by various people throughout my story.
In the last three years I had lost my way, my path disappearing out of view as I somehow manipulated myself deeper into a life of following the rules dictated to me, so accomplished at this was I that I manifested myself events and circumstances time and time again to prove to me how right everyone was.
How useless I was.
Until that is, I realised I created it all. 

 Perhaps the time has arrived for the sleeping warrior within to stride forth
confident in her skin and in the wisdom contained within her, to trust the inner messages given and to express myself  without fear of rejection, to know from this moment forward that I am a beautiful and talented being, capable of attaining all she desires.........

Playing Peek A Boo......

 Playing peek a boo with Pixie is a daily activity now that the garden has flourished so over the cooler winter months, finding her can be a challenge, but, if I know where Spirit is, she is never far away, which always makes it easier.
 Not impressed with me finding them, as it was time to come indoors, until the intensity of the sun eases late afternoon, when once again they can snuggle in the shady privacy of their favourite tree.
 Tarmie though shares my view on summer heat, indoors in the shade makes much more sense.......

Doing Nothing......

Doing nothing
The most powerful healer of all
Breathe my love
Breathe my Love
Breathe in the quiet centre........

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012

There Is..........

There is a fountain of creativity bubbling within us all.
Mine it appears, has raised its artistic head.
Prompted a few weeks ago to stop on the way home to buy supplies was the first indication that something new was rising inside of me.

Well, it was shall I say, a rather unnatural encounter for me, as crafty shops, material and the like has never been something I have been drawn to in any way, yet, out I walked with all of this.

My first attempt of being 'crafty' is this finger puppet, a gift for a little person who celebrates Christmas, not being something I celebrate myself, I wanted to gift him something a little more meaningful than a shop bought present.
It is only tiny, but, I was quite impressed with my first attempt of handicraft. 

As I was sitting creating this, my mind was bubbling with ideas of many more things to create.
Where it is all coming from heaven knows, as suddenly visions of many wonderful designs dance around in my head.
If today's task is anything to go by though, I shall be endlessly lost in hours of productive play, perhaps so much so that summer will pass me by unnoticed.
Well, one can only hope........

The Seasons......

 The seasons first magnolia unfolded its delicate petals yesterday in the  warmth of the morning sun.
Such magnificent perfection nestled in the bashful confines of my patch of Gaia. 
 At times like this the swelling of my heart takes control to contain, for the emotions that bubble within me on viewing such a simple thing as a new flower can trigger an immense reaction.
I have never stopped seeing the glorious gifts of nature, whether a flower, or dew drops glistening in the sun, a solo cloud drifting silently overhead, I acknowledge the true riches of this world, even if it is in the humble boundary of my tiny garden oasis.......

Heading North.....

 Heading north for my morning meander yesterday I decided upon Yanchep Lagoon as my starting point, however, instead of continuing north along the easy route I turned around and went the opposite way.
Having only discovered this beach a few weeks ago I came prepared this time with my reef shoes, and of course my camera.
 I tried to keep to the shore line for most of my walk, although at one point I nearly ended up being swept away attempting to cross the reef instead of sticking to the more conventional way of using a path through the sand dunes, I don't really enjoy trekking through the sand dunes, even if there are paths, as the local reptiles are all venomous and if not dealt with straight away after a bite one is not guaranteed survival. 
I tend to get a signal if a snake is close, tingling going up the back of my legs, and I have learnt to listen to this, as I was reluctantly using a pathway through the sand a little further on I stopped, the tingling had began, looking around and just in front of me I noticed snake trails heading from the dunes to the seaweed close to the waters edge, where the snake was did not matter, I turned around and headed back to the safety of the shore, stamping very loudly as I did, just in case said snake was nearby.
 Apart from that little excitement I enjoyed exploring a new watery playground, as always I wandered silently enjoying the endless beauty of natures gift to us.......