Sunday, October 14, 2012

What Does One Do.....

 What does one do when they awake at two am full of so much energy that returning to sleep is truly not an option.
Get up and move furniture around of course!
Having a small abode, my books have resided in one of the wardrobes on especially adapted bookshelves, hidden away from view, but, yesterday morning in the wee small hours I decided it was time that they returned to life on the outside.

Sitting back to enjoy a steaming hot cup of cacao, I felt a definite shift in the dynamics of my home.
It is funny how the littlest of things can fill the heart with glee...... 

1 comment:

Sami said...

I like to see bookshelves full of books. I can´t bring myself to give my books away, even though I might not have read them more than once!