Sunday, October 28, 2012


 Stopping on the way home for a quick meander around my local park I found myself viewing it in a new and surprisingly positive way.
 Having been somewhat discontented living in Perth for many long and often painfully isolating years I discovered this morning I was viewing this scene with a completely new outlook.
 Sure it is a long way from quaint country villages, moors and mountains, but I had to admit, that an effort had been made to add a touch of beauty to the area after the developers had all but destroyed the native habitat.
 The duck folk were resting calmly, and they do radiate a sense of contentment, which might have been why I sat and watched, contemplating the area and it's surrounds. 
 For whatever reason I decided to pen my life to find me living here in this new and disconnected place, I had to acknowledge that I had manifested my arrival here, and as far as I am able to see, it is here I shall be for awhile longer.
 As I sat though I had many images coming to me, of a life lived differently, if I had chosen an alternative path at different stages of my life thus far.
How that would have altered my situation of course I am unable to foresee, suddenly however I felt that I ought to count my blessings, for where I live, and what I have in my life has been created solely by me.

 It is easy to look back, or, to gaze forward, but to sit comfortably with yourself in the present, well, that is the challenge many of us struggle with.
 I have been going through lots of changes in the last five weeks, a time of cleansing, for all the years of unhappiness I have created for myself.
Sitting here though I realised, that my life could be far worse, and in this moment of clarity I saw  that I have a lot to be grateful for.
 Life is what we each make of it, some of us fight against ourselves consistently, which only serves to provide us with more "stuff" to deal with, as if we focus on the hardships, the loss, the negativity, then that is what we will continue to manifest. 
 Letting go is not easy, and allowing yourself to stand alone and work through the baggage of life takes courage, and as I emerge from the quagmire of self destruction I am seeing the power of my own creative abilities.
 I am blessed in so many ways, and I have so much yet to enjoy, so many tomorrows yet to write.
 In the tranquil setting of a man made park I found inspiration for what is yet to come.......

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PerthDailyPhoto said...

Beautifully peaceful series of images Gemel..If I begin to feel fed up, I switch on the world news and it makes me realise just how lucky I am.