Sunday, October 07, 2012

Nothing Beats.....

 Nothing beats the stillness and quiet of a Spring morn,
a hint of breeze gently caresses me as I sit cocooned in the glorious hush of dawn.
In the distance birds begin their haunting melodies of devotion as the Sun begins it's ascent to shed it's Light upon us for another day.
 A time for reflection, a time for thanks, my most favourite time of the day.
It is this time that brings me the most clarity in the continuing path of my soul, as settling in the garden and opening up to the world of Spirit that surrounds me, I connect deeply with the core of myself, to the vibrating energy of the Universe.
 Filling my essence with the quintessence of the divine heals and rejuvenates me to a point of sheer euphoria, which, can not be duplicated in any other manner........

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PerthDailyPhoto said...

Such a special time of the day Gemel, I love it also..especially the bird noises.