Saturday, October 13, 2012


The end of life according to some, many think, or are taught that when the heart ceases to beat no more that is it, there is nothing but an empty dark void, or worse, it is judgement time, a time to see whether or not one has been 'good' enough to enter the realm of heaven.
For me neither scenario sits well with me, for I believe that life as we know it is but a glimpse of the complete totality of what life truly is.
Of what, WE truly are.
How do I know this?
It is something intrinsic within me, has been since I was old enough to understand what death was, having been with both humans and animals in the final moments of life I have seen first hand that when the life force leaves the body there is essence to it, it carries on.
We have been programmed to believe that death is final, that everything we are ceases, and this creates fear in millions as death approaches their lives.
Attending a funeral yesterday I was appalled at what the priest was telling the congregation about having to repent sins, over and over again, that without a pure soul, one is not welcome in to the bosom of God.
This is purely a human concept, a teaching that I feel contributes to feelings of lack, low self esteem and depression, for if there is but one God, I have never been able to think of him/her being so callous as to only allow the sainted few to enter the warm embrace of his arms.
If we are born to this life to experience the life as an aspect of the Divine, then whatever story we choose to write is in effect Holy, a difficult concept to embrace for some, but for me it feels true, I believe in the Oneness of All, that ALL of us have the purity of heart, even if it is slumbering deep inside the recesses of broken, or, darkened heart, therefore, there is no right, there is no wrong, there just is.
The pain of a physical parting is difficult even with my theory of never ending life, for the absence of a loved one or friend from our story, be they human or animal leaves a void, to not see them, touch them or hear them in the way we used to leaves a chasm of great proportions.
Allowing the grief of such loss to overcome you is what seems natural, it is what is expected, but, as the tears flowed down my cheeks yesterday I silently rejoiced within, for as I listened to the sermon I realised that my truth rang true, I felt with utter certainty that we but see a glimpse of reality, that although I mourned the disappearance of  one who had touched my heart, I understood that he had in fact gone nowhere........

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