Monday, October 22, 2012

Adding A Touch.....

 A a touch more colour to the back garden with these cute solar lanterns I stumbled across yesterday.

 Not waiting for an excuse to add a party atmosphere to the courtyard, I shall enjoy their delicate illumination every night as they sway gently in the breeze, I also added a sting of solar fairy lights to the weeping fig tree against the back wall, which will twinkle brightly against the  exquisite emerald green leaves.
 As the garden begins it's spring growth spurt, soon I hope more of the fence will disappear from view, and the lanterns will become beacons against the luscious vegetation, adding contrast and interest and an air of mysterious delight on many a sultry summers night.
 My little urban hideaway gives me endless hours of pleasure, a place to sit in the presence of life, love and gratitude for the blessings this humble patch of greenery bestows upon me.

 And, as day transforms to night, my secret garden becomes a little bit more magical......

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