Sunday, September 16, 2012

With The Sun.......

 With the sun just peeking over the rooftops the call of the ocean was urging me to brave the chill of the wind and head to the quiet of an ocean side morning walk.
As always, I had this coastal playground all to myself, which is why I adore my morning ambles so, it is as if I am the only human on earth, often I daydream of a world void of the destruction of humanities greed and wars, a place where all see the gifts Mother Nature bestows upon us, from a grain of sand, to the gentle whispers of the wind.
 However that is not the case, most humans around me see more value in a gigantic beach side
mansions, one that shows the world their value as a person, the wealth they have acquired, yet they do not see what is before their eyes, a gracefulness that radiates from every atom around them, those hooked on the lure of materialism are viewing life with their ego, not with their heart. 
 Life upon this planet saddens me so, for the weight of despair for nature and our animal kin is a burden that I struggle to cope with.
The devastation of man's hunger is destroying Gaia, poisoning her, and many of her glorious feathered, scaled and furry children, yet this fails to reach the hearts of millions, for in their ignorance they cocoon themselves with the trinkets of death.
 I wonder why more do not view the sacredness of life as I, why it is that many prefer to turn a blind eye to the terror mankind is creating across the globe, feeling it is better not to know, not to see the pain and destruction that creates this 'wonderful' modern society we reside in.
 Walking along, feeling the sand beneath my feet, the water rushing over my bare skin, the wind caressing my cheek, the sun warming my heart, I suddenly feel unburdened.
 I am one
individual in a world of millions
suddenly I understand that the weight in my heart is felt
I am seen
for what I feel, she knows and that is enough.
 Lifting my gaze to follow the flight path of a flock of ducks flying north I realise that the depth of beauty that surrounds me maybe lessening each day, yet still it bewitches me, it completely encapsulates me.
 And in giving myself so wholly I realise that this is my gift to those who struggle for survival.
They know what I feel, they acknowledge my pain.
 And with this realisation I understand my being here now.
I do not connect with many humans, for I struggle to fit into what society deems as lifestyle, preferring to stay secluded in my own company.
 I have, at times, been distressed by this, so much so that I have struggled to understand why I just can't put up with the way others are, and just go along with what everyone else deems as normal, just fit in.
 But I can not, it is too empty, I find that I begin to whither from within, selling my soul to be accepted by my peers.
 The time has come for me to just be me, to walk this earth the way I always have, to not hide any aspect of myself to mould into a society that I am disconnected from.
 It is time to stand in my truth..........

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