Friday, September 21, 2012

With Spring......

 With spring finally upon us the warmer days are prompting the garden to ease out of slumber, and much to my delight, I discover that my tiger grass flowers.
I am assuming that the plants must need to reach a certain level of maturity as it did not produce these wonderful blooms last year.
 It is amazing how much this particular plant has grown in the nearly two years it has been planted, what I love about this plant the most is the rustling sound the wind makes as it snakes it way through it, if I close my eyes I could be hidden deep in a tropical jungle, miles away from anyone  not sitting in a tiny courtyard imprisoned in suburbia.
 Splashes of colour abound upon the ground too, my many varieties of nasturtium's thriving now the balmy weather is upon us.
 Another tiny treasure hidden from view are the delicate blossoms of this magnolia, their scent as precious as their flowers, last year this one was struggling, perhaps adjusting to life in the ground, seems though, that the cooler winter months have been provided it with the healing it required to surge forth with the an abundance of flowers.

 And last, but by no way least is this new addition to the garden.
Looks like a weed, but it is actually a tobacco plant, once used by the native Americans in their peace pipes, the healing properties of this plant in it's raw state is quite astounding, makes you wonder why they destroy it by adding chemicals to it, used in sacred space as a heart opener, it is not addictive, it induces a peacefulness that is utterly amazing...........

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