Saturday, September 08, 2012

Getting Use To......

 Getting use to the new security door that was fitted yesterday is going to take some time.
Opening the wooden door this morning saw Pixie rushing away in panic, she is always overly cautious, this new addition to the house however saw her rushing for a safe place to hide.
 Tarmal on the other had took the time to have a good look at a view he has not seen before, sniffing the brisk morning air for scents of a world he does not venture into.
 Pixie's second attempt of investigating had the same effect as the first, running away as swiftly as her little legs could carry her.
 It even made me stop in my tracks too walking past and seeing the darkness of the morning seeping in, thinking for an instant that the door had blown open, until I  remembered the new door, funny how the mind works.
This is going to be a godsend in the sweltering summer months, thus far I have not entertained the idea of air conditioning, rather using natural and less expensive ways to cool down, once I get the back doors done I will be able to have the cool summer breeze blowing in all night long.
 Spirit now making an appearance to see what is going on before he goes out for his morning constitutional. 

 Sitting and looking out seems to be a bit of a novelty, instead of insisting to be let out, he sat for awhile and just watched.

 With Spirit now out the front, Pixie finally was brave enough to come as sit, waiting for her beloved Spirit to return.......

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