Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Funny Thing......

 A funny thing happens when you state your intention to the universe, voicing your intent to let go of what once was, allowing what will be in tune with your new vibration to enter.
Standing firm in my own power, releasing the past to disappear into oblivion, welcoming the opportunity for new moments to begin a few days ago is already ushering change my way.
As always when I focus upon creating my own path with complete clarity, things begin to swiftly change.
In the periods of my story where I focus on what I have not got, forgetting that my thoughts are things, dismissing my role in manifesting my reality, therefore, all the doom, gloom and unhappiness just gushes into reality, all the negativity  bolting eagerly towards me anxious to share it's offerings, bestowing that which I brought in to being, I completely ignore my role in it's presence.
Of course, admitting to this when one is residing in the gloom of desperation is not something that is going to happen, even though I am aware of this, I refused to acknowledge it, rather, blaming the way things are, or, others for the chaos weighing me down.
Declaring my intent to release the burdens of my soul a few days ago has unleashed a series of synchronised events, manifesting my thoughts into things, positive, and surprisingly lively and pleasant changes.
No point in looking back with a shake of my head and wondering why I left my path for awhile, for, all is meant to be, and perhaps this period of deep inner cleansing was vital.
As this day begins it does so with a deep peace radiating from within, a shroud of peacefulness encircling me.......

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PerthDailyPhoto said...

So good to hear Gemel.