Friday, August 31, 2012

With Spring.......

 With Spring beginning to makes its presence felt I felt compelled to go to the beach yesterday for an afternoon amble, at seeing this picture before me I realised it was like a tonic for my soul, the endless blue of the ocean and the sky stretching on forever, so serene.
 There was barely a wind, and, not a cloud to be seen, as winter days go, it was perfect!
 Going down these steps always makes me smile, because it looks like you are going to walk straight out into the water, actually, sometimes you do, when the tide is high, or, it is incredibly stormy the bottom steps can quite often be under water.

 Down I went to wash away the imprints of the day, to wade in the cool salty water unwinding and relaxing with each step.
 I can not explain the weightlessness I felt as I stood for a moment taking in this vision, perfection, pure and simple.
 Wandering along I realised that people pay thousands of dollars to holiday in places like this, where, on a winters day you can wade in the water without the risk of freezing to death.
There is a beauty here on these pristine beaches, as yet unmarked by too much destruction of humanity, there is often seals playing in the waves, which also indicates that sharks also frequent this area, which is why, even in the warmer months, I never swim to far out, the Great Whites are becoming a tad partial to the Perth swimmers, and I do not wish to be one of them!
 All in all I guess I am lucky to be as close to such a magnificent playground, for, I can walk and walk along the shoreline for literally hours. 

 Soaking up the sun, breathing in the wonderfully fresh salty air, feet cool as they rush along in the breaking waves.

 At least I was no the only one enjoying this glorious winter weather, this little chap was taking advantage of a calm ocean to air his wings, how utterly relaxing would that be?
Soulfully fulfilled home I headed.......


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

That is a good walk to get one's head on straight.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

We really are lucky beyond words Gemel, sometimes I worry that things here are too perfect in comparison to other places in the world.