Sunday, August 12, 2012

With All The......

 With all the turmoil of late I have not ventured near the ocean much, although, I am certain that the cleansing waters would have served to assist me in dealing with the changes that have come my way.
Randomly stopping to stand by the waters edge and feel the brisk winter winds whipping through my hair had a much needed cleansing effect on me.
 The smell of the sea always calms me, as does watching the waves rolling into the shore, which really does make me wonder why I avoided it as I endured a get life change.
 Standing here I had time to rest, to forget about the stresses and struggles of modern day life, a life not as simple and as pleasurable as it once was, in my opinion this modern technological age has taken away so many simple pleasures.
 People have changed with the introduction of all this technology, it is rare to see someone going for a walk without a pair of earphones glued to their ears, children need to have computer games to occupy them in a supermarket trolley, or a movie playing to keep them quiet in the car, I often wonder whether I am the only one who finds this disturbing.
Why can people not do without their 'toys' and why do children need to be bombarded with television and computers before they are able to walk?

 I am not sure where this age is taking us, but I know that I struggle with it immensely, I just wish more people took the time to unhook themselves from their iPhone, iPod and computers  and allowed themselves to do something natural, without the aide of toys to amuse them whilst they were doing so.
 As these thoughts passed through my mind I realised how grateful I am to have retained my old fashioned outlook on life, how wonderful it is to see the world as I do, in awe of the magnificence that surrounds me.
 It does not matter whether it is a coastal vista I am gazing upon, or simply sitting in the garden with my cats, I adore Mother Natures gift to us, and nothing compares to it........

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