Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Best Thing.......

 The best thing about the weekend is that I get to enjoy the silence of dawn and the rising of the sun.
 Simple pleasures such as watching the light illuminate my  tiny abode fills me with such peace, the joyous vibration of tranquillity oozing into my veins. 

 Of course I am not the only one who relishes my presence in the home.
 My feline companions are also contented to have me here, sharing the warmth as light washes over the house, which sees them searching for that perfect place for an early morning siesta.
 Of late life has been filled with many changes, a time of sadness and loss, yet, in this quiet moment I feel that changes are afoot, a new chapter ready to begin, as without an ending there can be no beginning.

 Sitting here I realised that I have not enjoyed my home for sometime, as I was busy doing, and coping with the relentless barrage of emotions that accompanied the recent changes in my life, and as I sat I found myself thinking about the discontentment that has weighed upon my heart for many months now, seeing that this time is now ending, offering me the opportunity to flourish once again.
 Enjoying the company of those whom I adore.
 And once again relaxing into the gentle rhythm of  love........

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cloudia charters said...

You share wisdom and contentment

Have a sweet weekend!
Aloha from Honolulu
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