Sunday, August 12, 2012

Meet Max........

 Meet Max, who nearly came to be cat number four in my house, until someone I knew said they were looking for a cat.

 On death row, this little guy is only two years old, and so full of life and a has a vibrant personality, I discovered him whilst visiting the Cat Haven, and fell in love with him instantly, when I cradled his tiny body in my arms I knew he had to be saved.
 Seeing him now safe and loved fills my heart with such happiness, and I am so pleased I was able to save another cats life.
Getting use to the luxuries in life is taking awhile, he was found wandering the streets, and even though he has ample cosy places to sleep, he still prefers to lay on the floor, bless his wee soul.

 I am sure in time he will discover that couches and beds make for cosier sleeping, but for now I think he is enjoying the safety of a loving home.......

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