Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lazing On........

 Lazing on a Friday afternoon, taking the time to enjoy the little oasis I created, water tinkling, wind chimes blowing gently in breeze, the sun warming my skin, all in all a delightful way to end my working week.
 Deciding a few months ago that there is more to life than work, I made the decision to finish at lunchtime on a Friday, to spend more time for me, and spending time each Friday afternoon relaxing at home, reading, listening to music, watching my feline children playing, is more fulfilling than I can explain.
 Having created a space entirely meant for rest and relaxation, I do find that I have no trouble whatsoever in allowing the stresses of the working week to just float away, as I sat here reading I thought that some people would pay to enjoy this tiny little courtyard, it is as luxurious as any resort I have stayed in.
 Of course I am not the only one who thoroughly enjoys my garden paradise.
Those who really rule the house can't wait to get outside when I get home and frolic in the sunshine, chasing butterflies and snoozing in the fresh air.
 And I am always delighted to see new flowers appear, spending as much time as I do in the garden just sitting and watching means I see each burst of growth, each bud forming.
 There is a lot to be said for the act of doing nothing, just being still, many people I have encountered in my story say they can not sit still, they can't clear their minds, me, I find it no problem at all, for sitting in the confines of my garden I am embraced by love and soothed into silent bliss.......


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I learned a long time ago to take time for myself. I don't do it as well as you do but I get by.

If a person can't take care of themself then they can't take take care of others either.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

You sure have created the perfect haven there Gemel, it looks so very inviting.