Sunday, June 10, 2012

True Human Bondings.......

True human bondings transcend the flesh, they connect you internally to the language of Light.
Settling for an intimate relationship that is void of soul union will always leave you feeling empty, as to be with someone out of a need to fill a blankness within, or a physical yearning will always be a union lacking the true beauty of love.
Sexual union is not an act to be taken lightly, it is sacred, a time where two people have the ability to merge with the magical energy that entwines their souls, a time of deep cellular mediation, where in the slow and mindful embrace of love you are catapulted to a place of unimaginable blessings.
In the intimate moments of a soft embrace as you connect eye to eye, heart to heart, seeing and feeling your way as you merge as one is far more fulfilling than an ego driven relationship, based on lust.
Waiting for the one who will open your soul is worth it, as to settle for a inferior substitute  
will never grant you a jewel to awaken your soul.......

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