Monday, June 18, 2012

There Was A Time.......

 There was a time when all was in harmony, the earth balanced, a playground of splendour far beyond our limited perception. 
As I look around me I am always saddened by the brutal raping of our mother, the slaying of forests and animals, the poisoning of the worlds waterways.
In viewing the world a little clearer everyday I now discover that the intensity of emotions that bubble to the fore whenever I stumble across a scene of destruction, is becoming so intense I find that I am overwhelmed and stunned into immobility immediately, as with my heart open, I feel the pain of those suffering before me.
People the world over have a blatant disregard for life, failing to see that every creature that walks, crawls, slithers, flies, or swims along side of us, feels pain, and, deserves the right to live a long and free life.

A scene that left me mute with sorrow, a duck laying dead on the road, a senseless death of a delicate and peaceful being, cut short because someone could not be bothered to stop, to allow this tiny duck to cross the road, instead it was killed needlessly, a life taken without remorse, its mate grief stricken by the side of the road.

I maybe one, out of millions across this globe, but, as long as I have life force in this body of mine my quest to awaken those who fail to see our connection to all will never stop, if only one persons opens their heart and suddenly understands that no matter what skin one may wear, the pain their bodies feel is the same as a human,the loss of a loved one is felt with the same passion, a breaking heart is not just a human reaction.

I sit and pray every day that one by one more wake up, and as they do, they actually see the thousands of animal kin who share this world with us through the eyes and ears of their heart. That each day another person suddenly remembers that they have to ability to communicate with the animal and plant kingdoms, as they remember the way of the heart.......


Anonymous said...

This is very well written and inspiring, and I would like to ask your permission to use all/parts/modified parts of it in my art project. :) tnx.

Gemel said...

Yes of course, please share :)