Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Reconnecting and remembering my way to wholeness is a journey that is profoundly healing, on levels that I had not even imagine existed. 
I am suddenly bombarded with such peace, and a inner knowing that this truly is but a dream, this life I am currently living, in deep mediation I am taken back to the core of creation, seeing through the veils of deception that blind us here, leaving us feeling lonely and shut off from source.
Yet, this is not so, even for those of us who are sleeping, the truth is, we are never alone, nor, are we severed from the heart of All.
Being in a human body is an experience that I myself have taken for-granted, as I did not fully comprehend the gift of living a human life. For years I trudged along blindly doing what was expected of  me, dreadfully unfulfilled and desperately lonely, I knew that something was missing, that life really could not be as empty and pointless as it was.
Finding my way back to the truth has taken many years, and I understand now that it was because there were many cycles to complete, many layers to shed. 
To surge ever upward I had to bare my soul, to open up on such a basic level that every atom of me was cleansed, this has been a challenge at times, for as my body and soul are detoxified there is no part of me that is left untouched.
There is so much more to us than our limited human eyes see, we are endlessly wondrous beings of light, masters at manifesting our reality.
Maintaining a divine connection in daily life  takes practice, as to walk the world in this way is to see with the eyes of the heart, by viewing the world this way all takes on a new perspective, as walking amidst those who still slumber is difficult at times, yet, at the same time validation of the changes within........

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