Sunday, June 03, 2012

Once Again.......

 Once again I stand in mute awe, in reverence in the rising of my father sun, the golden hallo of shimmering light just peeking above the foliage.
 This quiet time of dawn is a most precious time for me, a time where the depth of silence seeps into my soul and billows within every cell of my body.
 Surrounding me, a family of magpies, waiting, as I, for the rising of our Solar Lord, humbly acknowledging the power of this moment.
 Intuitively we all turn, setting our eyes and hearts on the ascending orb, each of us connected as One as we humbly observe this sacred time of day.
 This new vantage point I discovered was an oasis of as yet, virgin land, untouched by the disease of suburbia that is raping this hallowed planet, how long this slice of earth remains untouched is to be seen, as all around the destruction of humanity is creeping ever closer.
 Yet for now, it is safe, and the home of many precious beings who answer the call of mornings glory, coming in to sing the day into life.
 The song of the Australian magpie is profoundly enchanting, the melodies they chant deeply moving, songs gifted straight from the heart.

 In unison they lift their faces to the sky, singing with a passion that brings such joy into my heart, standing amongst them I felt exhilarated as their chorus of gratitude drifted of into the ether, winding it's way in to the infinity of Oneness.  

 Times like this are what make my journey here upon this planet intensely gratifying, for it is here I feel my presence is seen for what it truly is. 
 I am not separate to anything before me, I am apart of All that I see, even the disconnection and heartache that suppresses so many in this reality, yet, in these magical moments of splendour I know, that the love I have, and the magpies have, is radiated out to cocoon all who slumber to the truth of life.
 Our presence is vibrating out, waves of love ripple out to share the euphoria we feel in these delightful daybreak moments, lifting the vibration of the planet, slowly the light of love grows, cleansing and embracing those who reside in places of darkness, tenderly cradling their heart in our hearts, showering them with love......................

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