Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's Up To Us.....

It's up to each of us, to be that which we seek

Feel the love
Speak the love
Be the love
See the love
From within

Many walk a life of loneliness, shuffling along wearily surrounded by a sea of people who neither see nor hear them. 
Walking the world like this, can be soul destroying, as the isolation of walking the planet separate from the millions that encircle you only increases the seclusion you feel.

People are the cruellest species on this planet, especially when someone does not fit in with the mould of what is deemed 'normal'  or is different in other ways that do not resonate with the people surrounding them.
I have learnt in my journey that there is only one person you can rely on, and this person is you, no one else can fill any voids within you, even if we think that someone else makes us complete, this is simply a smokescreen that eventually will fade, taking you once again to the mirror to stand face to face with the one that holds the power to change your world.

Walking the world alone is as empowering as it is difficult, it takes courage to be true to yourself, and to make the choice to be single rather than enter relationships and friendships simply for the luxury of companionship. 
I have found myself in place that is isolating, both geographically and communally, which in the last seven years has tested me to the limits of my personal capacity to cope.
Remaining in this callous society I reside in has become easier to deal with as I journeyed deeper into myself, seeing that I am not separate to those who reject me, that they are simply an aspect of myself, boons to enhance my personal growth.

Insights come in many ways, often the light the illuminates the way forward does not come as one would expect, but when the strength of the light intensifies and you understand with complete clarity that there is no one on this planet better than you, no one should be placed upon a pedestal, all of us are equally divine, even those who are sent to test us.
Seeing the truth of your existence brings with it a peace, a cloak of serenity descends upon you and you see that you are a worthy and beautiful being who has a lot to give, that there are those who see your light, and feel the love you radiate, and one day they will find you.

Having spent many years trying to fit in somewhere, I have realised that the trying was what was hampering my way, that the way to attracting those who truly see me is to be and do nothing.......


cloudia charters said...

I like your being friend!

Have a GREAT Weekend!

Aloha from Honolulu,
Comfort Spiral
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luksky said...

I understand...totally and fully.

Michelle said...

beautiful. and.. hi! Sorry I've been so absent on my blog and everywhere! Computer crashes last month, hd to reinstall EVERYTHING and I'm due hand surgery today so I'll be offline even longer most likely. :-\

Oh, I am trying to write, or set up some blogs for later, on a new blog called BOOKS UNCAGED. All book/writing related stuff. So... if you don't see me on Crow's feet you might see me there. :-)

Love and best wishes always