Friday, June 01, 2012

In All Honesty........

 In all honesty, life simply does not get better than this!
Last weekend I journeyed inward, my own private vision quest, in a ceremony of great reverence, held in honour for this being I call me, being here, now.
 Sitting in my garden, surrounded by the silence of a perfect autumn day, the warming sun upon my skin, the earth beneath my feet, it was an astounding and gratifying journey indeed. 
 As a race we have become so disconnected from the source of our conception, it is not taught to us on a global level to sit in stillness and to take time to reconnect with our true nature, to quiet the mind and travel within, to surrender to the heart, and allow the illusion of separation to dissolve, allowing us to merge once again in wakefulness to the source of All Creation.
Instead we are taught to search out side of ourselves to fill the void of discontentment within.
 As I allow the sacred plant medicines to lead me ever deeper into myself, I have shed so many aspects of the ego-self.
The need for a 'one on one' relationship for example seems somewhat superficial, when I see with utter clarity, that I am One with All who surround me. 
Love pulsates in every single atom, always beaming towards me.
 I am a part of everything that my limited human eyes witness, in every waking day of this third dimensional reality I call life.
 And, as I lay under a canopy of wispy clouds, I found myself surging up to float along in the calm morning breeze.
 Such abundance surrounds us, in every leaf, each ray of sunlight, there is no end to the magnificence of life.
 Walking in a world full of ego driven beings, all wishing to find that thing, partner, or, perfect holiday to transform the empty cavity that dwells within their hearts, all searching for the something that is missing from their lives, many have no idea what this thing is, they simply know it is missing.
On and on they trudge, growing ever wearier as their search never quite just reaches their utopia.
 Discarding the need to do, and reclaiming the art of being will endow you with more than a peaceful spirit, it will take you on a slow meander into the realms of heaven, which resides inside every beating heart................

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