Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Birthday Treat.....

 A birthday treat with a difference was to have dinner cooked for me at home.
 Setting the table for the event was all I was to do, then I simply had to sit back and relax.
Tarmie on the other hand was a little annoyed with his normal evening rituals being disturbed!
 Feeling so loved and grateful for the joy of simplicity of life, time with loved ones in the warming embrace of my humble home.
 For many birthdays are about getting and doing, yet, such simple pleasures fill my heart with more abundance than any material possession could ever give me.
 Life is all about moments.
 Moments that are bestow upon us happiness and love, tenderness from being with those who want nothing from you, ask only for your presence.
 Receiving is simple
Open yourself up
Simply let love flood in...........

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luksky said...

Nice! Happy Birthday to you!