Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Morning.......

 Another morning relaxing in the garden
 Sees Tarmal drifting off into a state of deep contented sleep on his favourite chair
 Whilst Pixie stretches a little, and then gazes around her 
 Blissfully comfortable and safe in her urban jungle playground, such moments are priceless and make me ever thankful for the ability to cherish and acknowledge the truly important things in life........

Saturday, June 23, 2012

El Camino del Rey [High Quality]

It Looks Like.......

 It looks like there was much fun had here last night, if, the kitty toys strewn all over the house is any indication!
 Normally the toys are stored in their toy basket, and usually they will get out one toy and play with that until it is sleep time again.
 God only knows what got into them last night, I will never know if it was all three of them or just one who had a evening for frivolous feline fun!
 All I have to do is train them to put things away.......

It's Up To Us.....

It's up to each of us, to be that which we seek

Feel the love
Speak the love
Be the love
See the love
From within

Many walk a life of loneliness, shuffling along wearily surrounded by a sea of people who neither see nor hear them. 
Walking the world like this, can be soul destroying, as the isolation of walking the planet separate from the millions that encircle you only increases the seclusion you feel.

People are the cruellest species on this planet, especially when someone does not fit in with the mould of what is deemed 'normal'  or is different in other ways that do not resonate with the people surrounding them.
I have learnt in my journey that there is only one person you can rely on, and this person is you, no one else can fill any voids within you, even if we think that someone else makes us complete, this is simply a smokescreen that eventually will fade, taking you once again to the mirror to stand face to face with the one that holds the power to change your world.

Walking the world alone is as empowering as it is difficult, it takes courage to be true to yourself, and to make the choice to be single rather than enter relationships and friendships simply for the luxury of companionship. 
I have found myself in place that is isolating, both geographically and communally, which in the last seven years has tested me to the limits of my personal capacity to cope.
Remaining in this callous society I reside in has become easier to deal with as I journeyed deeper into myself, seeing that I am not separate to those who reject me, that they are simply an aspect of myself, boons to enhance my personal growth.

Insights come in many ways, often the light the illuminates the way forward does not come as one would expect, but when the strength of the light intensifies and you understand with complete clarity that there is no one on this planet better than you, no one should be placed upon a pedestal, all of us are equally divine, even those who are sent to test us.
Seeing the truth of your existence brings with it a peace, a cloak of serenity descends upon you and you see that you are a worthy and beautiful being who has a lot to give, that there are those who see your light, and feel the love you radiate, and one day they will find you.

Having spent many years trying to fit in somewhere, I have realised that the trying was what was hampering my way, that the way to attracting those who truly see me is to be and do nothing.......

Thursday, June 21, 2012


 After a week of wonderful storms, delightful grey skies and torrential rains, we were suddenly granted a day of bright skies and warming sunshine.
 Taking advantage of the afternoon I set off to explore yet another new pathway I had stumbled across on my daily travels.
 I was not the only one enjoying the warm winter sun, this bobtail goanna was relaxing on the pathway, until it saw my approach that is, then much to my surprise it hurried off to take cover in the bushland surrounding the track, I have to say I did not realise that they could move as swiftly as this one did, for some reason I was always under the impression that they were slow movers, now  I know otherwise!
 Continuing my walk I was thankful to find such natural beauty in the middle of suburbia, a haven, that I trust stays in place for many years to come, here there was an abundance of birds, all merrily chirping as they flitted joyfully amongst the branches.
 Reaching the end of the path was a clear view of Rottnest Island, you can just make it out faintly on the horizon, it is only a short boat ride from the coast, a nice place for a day of swimming and bike riding.
 Taking time to sit and have a chat with my companion, it was an idyllic way to spend a Monday afternoon.

 A happy face and surrounded by nature equals bliss to me.

 Pausing for a moment to admire these sculptures on my way back to the car left me inspired, I must admit, it always fascinates me how others can create such works of art from hard materials, the results of hours of hard work, are simply stunning.

 Getting to the little lookout at the top of the hill you can see the tiny city of Perth, and from this vantage point I realise just how small a city it is.
 I was however very impressed to see such an abundance of trees still left in the metropolitan area, further north where I live they are still bulldozing acres and acres of bushland, leaving nothing standing,  this view was a pleasant surprise.

 While my little companion caught his breath, (after being carried by me up the incline) I sat once again and just listened to the birdsong filling the air.

 The tranquillity and peace drifting on the wind, soothing melodies inducing a wave of relaxation. 

 As I sat and listened, my heart expanded, allowing the harmonics of the chorus to trickle into my core, I opened myself to be at one with all that enveloped me, fusing us together now, and, always.......

Love Isn't......

Love isn't a feeling, it is a state of being.......

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

There Was A Time.......

 There was a time when all was in harmony, the earth balanced, a playground of splendour far beyond our limited perception. 
As I look around me I am always saddened by the brutal raping of our mother, the slaying of forests and animals, the poisoning of the worlds waterways.
In viewing the world a little clearer everyday I now discover that the intensity of emotions that bubble to the fore whenever I stumble across a scene of destruction, is becoming so intense I find that I am overwhelmed and stunned into immobility immediately, as with my heart open, I feel the pain of those suffering before me.
People the world over have a blatant disregard for life, failing to see that every creature that walks, crawls, slithers, flies, or swims along side of us, feels pain, and, deserves the right to live a long and free life.

A scene that left me mute with sorrow, a duck laying dead on the road, a senseless death of a delicate and peaceful being, cut short because someone could not be bothered to stop, to allow this tiny duck to cross the road, instead it was killed needlessly, a life taken without remorse, its mate grief stricken by the side of the road.

I maybe one, out of millions across this globe, but, as long as I have life force in this body of mine my quest to awaken those who fail to see our connection to all will never stop, if only one persons opens their heart and suddenly understands that no matter what skin one may wear, the pain their bodies feel is the same as a human,the loss of a loved one is felt with the same passion, a breaking heart is not just a human reaction.

I sit and pray every day that one by one more wake up, and as they do, they actually see the thousands of animal kin who share this world with us through the eyes and ears of their heart. That each day another person suddenly remembers that they have to ability to communicate with the animal and plant kingdoms, as they remember the way of the heart.......

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Birthday Walk.......

 Birthday walk with my 'little' boy at Bells Rapids, Brigadoon........