Sunday, May 20, 2012

What If.......

 What if, each human on the planet had the opportunity to reconnect with the Divine Source?
What if, each person sat in the presence of  the Creator of All?
What if, in this moment every atom of existence resonated to the unconditional vibration of truth, of love, in every human heart across the globe simultaneously?
Can you imagine a world of love?
Not all of us walk the same path, not all of us wish to awaken to the truth of our existence, not all of us question the reason for us being here, in this time, living the life we were given.
All of us have a avenue that leads us towards an often unnoticed goal, even if we fail to notice it, the quest of awakening is there for All of us.
Being awakened, or enlightened means to have profound understanding or knowledge, an awareness of the infallible truth of what we perceive as reality upon this plane, it does not always relate to mind blowing moments of illumination, it can be as simple as delving deep enough into your own fears and challenges, enough so, that you extend outside your mortal body and suddenly find yourself emerged with the love centre of the universe, suddenly seeing with lucid clarity that every waking action, word and deed contributes to the totality of humankind. 
As the world barrels ahead in this technological age millions are lost and disconnected from the inner beacon shining within their heart centre.

This disconnection is having a debilitating effect upon the balance of the planet and the mass consciousness of humankind.
Lost to millions is the indigenous wisdom of our forefathers, the ability to sit in sacred space, both as a group and as individuals, and arouse the sleeping knowledge within, reconnecting ourselves with the sacred  rituals and wisdom that still surges throughout our cellular memories.
The alchemy of magic is intrinsic to all of us, each of us has the ability to achieve miraculous feats, heal the dis-ease within our mortal bodies, overcome the many hardships and sorrows that are clouding the harmony of All. 
Instead of turning the to hereditary wisdom within, sitting in sacred space and entering a state of grace, we are taught to give our power away and believe that we have no control over our thoughts, bodies and mind, that we have no power to change the course of destiny or, of our lives.
Slowly across the globe there a many souls waking, each of us shedding the barriers we have placed ourselves in, as we find our way home, whilst still residing within our humble mortal bodies.
Many of us use to think that we are but one, tiny, minute aspect of this vast and extraordinary cosmos, that our personal triumphs go unnoticed in the grand scheme of things, that our personal contribution makes little difference to the healing of the planet, and of humankind.
As each light begins to burn brighter, we are healing not only ourselves, but All residing within this dimension, one by one we are finding each other, forming communities with one main focus, raising the love and light for All who walk this beautiful world.
Slowly the beams of light shine brighter, each day another soul begins to remember, and with each one that does, the closer to paradise we become..........   

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susan said...

I may not come to visit all that often but when I do I always feel blessed to read your wise thoughts and feel the depth of your growth. You give me heart, Gemel. Beautiful pictures too.