Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tonight I Shall Be........

 Tonight I shall once again be sitting with the wisdom and purifying energy of the Grandmother Vine.
Time to once again be connected to the core of myself as I expand fully to the this marvellous and delicate planet, allowing the nurturing medicine to unleash its full body/mind/soul cleansing of this vegetable body I call me.
Since beginning to sit in the sacred medicine circles much has changed as the purification and purging has cleared my body of blockages and stagnated energy held captive within me, each time I journey the lighter I become.
There is much misinterpretation and fear associated with the healing plant medicines of the jungle, much of this is due to ignorance, of the propaganda spread by the media and governments around the globe, for, if the truth of these plant sacraments was to be attainable by all then the world would truly be a vastly different place.
Within the embrace of the Vine of The Souls you are held safely within the warming confines of your mothers arms as she leads you on a profound adventure inside yourself, travelling through every vein and organ seeking out the sickness within, at the same time opening your vision to the interconnectedness of All, and allowing you to break through the barriers that separate us from the realms coexisting with ours.
Suddenly you not only understand the fallacy of the spirit realm, you see it.
The thought that we are alone in our struggles here on Earth lifted permanently, for the clarity given to you in this experience leaves you in no doubt that a higher benevolent force animates the body you reside within.
We all have the ability to colour our world with unending happiness and love, to rise above the deception we are force fed on a daily basis, working towards raising the vibration of this planet as one by one we awaken to the truth the indigenous peoples have known for thousands of years....... 

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Arti said...

In India there are so many of these medicinal plants which are used effectively but mostly the practices are now confined to the villages.