Sunday, May 06, 2012

This Pair.....

 This pair of pink and grey galahs have taken up residence at my friend's property, and much to my delight spend most of the day wandering along the grass nibbling as they waddle.
 It always saddens me to see these birds in captivity, as they are comical little beings indeed.
They have such a playful energy, and often do appear to go out of their way for a bit of fun. 
 They also preen each other as a show of their affection, I have always found this so gratifying to watch, as the gentleness in which they care for their loved one is heart warming.
 The babies are particularly hilarious, as they have such a curiosity, and are quite often very demanding of their parents too, squawking and squawking until their tummies are full, and they also don't always enjoy the grooming sessions, they are not shy in voicing their opinions. 
 As these two wandered off further afield I set off looking for other feathered treasures lurking in the garden.
 My next discovery was a pair of western rosellas, they are so vibrant it is as if you have a rainbow waltzing through the garden.
 They are not as comfortable being in the presence of humans, and I had to slide along the wall of the house ever so slowly to get a closer look at these vibrant visitors.
 They are very quick movers, and swiftly depart if you venture too close, but they seemed to be focused on filling their tummies and began to relax in my presence.
 A smile plastered upon my face I was jubilant at being in the company of such alluring little people, their beauty really is astounding.
 Intend on finding tasty midday treats this one seemed not to notice me at all.
It is times like this that I become lost in the astonishing world of creation, as to dream a bird like this into existence blows my mind completely, to have a vision of such psychedelic beauty and birth its creation is beyond my comprehension.
 I am surrounded by a wealth here that no amount of money could buy, the natural embrace of natures love......

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