Friday, May 04, 2012


 Many changes have taken place within me in the last four months, the being I was, has died, surrendered completely to the healing touch of the grandmother vine, to allow her to work her way through my body, alleviating all unbalances within this vegetable body I call home.

The last time I sat with the vine of the soul my intent was to allow her to heal what was required.
The journey was terrifying, for I allowed her to weave her way through my body and balance the totality of me. 
 I died, was unravelled completely and purged on all levels.
As the medicine worked its way through my body, seeping into every nook and cranny, nothing was left unaltered, all was purified, I was reborn, awakened to the miracle of second sight.
Life is now vastly different, as I now realise that I am not this body, this body is but an animated vessel that is merely a vehicle for my soul to use to experience this third dimensional planet I am visiting.

Having struggled with residing in the realm for as long as I recall, I now understand that it is okay to relax into being human, to work with the ancient plant teachers and purify this mortal body of the dysfunctions that have hampered my souls progress during the time of disconnection.

Our journey on this planet is not about the distractions of "modern" society, our journey on this planet is to awaken and remember our lineage of Light.

Every soul on this planet is of the Light, all of us from the same divine source, where we come from there is no religion, no separation, there is only love, and as more of us awaken to our true divinity, we in turn raise the vibration of this dimension, of all beings upon this planet, at this time.

All animated life upon this planet is a miraculous gift, a gift that if viewed through the eyes of the heart will change your perception eternally about what your life on this planet at this time, is really all about.
You will see with clarity the emptiness of modern society, how hilarious the whole structure is, it is a society for robots, a society designed to dis-empower and control those who are addicted to the empty trinkets that keep them locked in the drudgery of slavery.

Those of us who have always felt an intrinsic disconnection, a deep sense of not belonging are now all reuniting, we are merging as we awaken and joining forces to build the light of love so that it touches the core of every minute cell of this dimension, and all those who still are still manifesting wars, fear, greed, pain and suffering as part of their Earthly journey.

The gift of living on this planet is a blessing, it is not meant to be a burden, nor, is it meant to be filled with pain and fear, the manifestations of such vibrations is due to the disconnections from our real home.
Our true sovereignty.

Allow yourself to reconnect to the language of Light, and see through the illusion and step into freedom............

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