Friday, May 18, 2012

In The Timelessness Of........

 In the timelessness of now I sat, nourishing myself in my tiny hamlet of love, my own private niche nestled within the noise drenched suburbs.

Taking the time to appreciate the flourishing plant-life adorning my humble courtyard is a daily event, yet, this morning it was an expansive and divine journey. 
 The Chilean Pencil Willows have grown tall enough to begin being tied together to make my living arch, it has taken less than a year to manifest this vision, in the next few weeks I will begin wiring the boughs together, and trimming the undergrowth into shape, watching them swaying and rustling in the breeze lulled me into a place of deep grace.
 Already this has changed the whole look of the garden, adding a mystical air to enhance the already relaxing atmosphere, beautifying my lush little haven.
 It is not just the plant folk who are thriving though, I have noticed the arrival of frogs, and many new insect residents, this Praying Mantas was enjoying the early morning sun as much as I, watching him resting here I felt blessed to share such precious moments of true bliss.
 Around me shimmering ray's of light cascaded into the garden, minute rainbow particles floating in on the soft morning breeze, showering the garden with a heavenly kiss. 

 Every flower was a portrait of perfection, every petal glistening in the comfortable morning warmth.
 Everywhere I gazed, harmony and peace radiated back towards me, embracing me completely in its subtle vibration of love.
  I was not the only one of the household enjoying this mornings splendour, Tarmie was taking advantage of a morning in the sun.
 Spending his time lazily grooming himself, completely obvious to the world around him.
 Nothing was taking his attention away from the luxury of an outside bath.
 Pixie on the other hand was content exploring the wonders of her ever increasing jungle playground. I often lose sight of them now the undergrowth is so thick in places, which stimulates their outdoor playtime, and arousing their natural curiosity. 

 And brightening their world with new scents, sounds and vistas.

 I never take for granted my gift of seeing the beauty in all things, never do I tire of the endless array of artistry that lingers in front of me daily, granting me boundless opportunities of strengthen my connection with the glorious realm of Light.
 Nurturing my soul in these quiet, stilling times propels me deeper into myself, each second feels like an eternity as my vision opens me more fully to the reason of  my existence. 
 The simple act of sitting in silence saturates my heart with such euphoria that it is difficult to explain the expansion I feel in these idle moments.
 For in the mute respite from 'normality' I find the greatest gift of all............ 


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You really do get such pleasure from your garden Gemel, it's wonderful to read about. I agree that the simplest pleasures are the most rewarding.