Monday, May 07, 2012


 Embracing this time here at this quiet hidden country haven, nestled snugly against the hillside, viewing the valley below as the clouds glide by, lost in the natural radiance before me.
 Birdsong echoing ceaselessly as the wind dances through the trees taking me on an hypnotic and  relaxing journey of bliss.
 Nothing to do but to sit, and be.
 Having this time to contemplate the gloriousness of this bewitching planet, captivated by the never ending array of delights waltzing gracefully across the horizon.  

 The thought of moving to a rural setting has been resting in the edge of my awareness for sometime now, the draw to ease away from the city becoming a little more persistent each day.
As I gaze out hour after hour at this vista of sheer perfection, I wonder though, whether now is the time to focus my intent on this idea, for the thought of returning to the polluted city leaves me  less than inspired...............

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