Saturday, March 17, 2012

There Was A Time.............

 There was a time, long long ago, when all of humanity was connected to the energy of all those around us.
A time, where the ancient trees were honoured for the wisdom they held within.
A time were all was seen as sacred, a part of the self.
A time of love.
Of peace.
Of harmony.
 Standing in the presence of Grandmother Tingle tree just over a year ago, I noticed that I was the only one who stopped to speak with her, the other tourists rushing past to find the next point of interest, not stopping to view, nor connect with what was before them.
Having always felt like I was an alien from another planet has ensured that I have never lost touch with the truth of our reality, for it was only in the comforting embrace of nature that I felt loved and seen.
I am not lured by the illusion of media hype to live a life of things and status, for the call of the natures silent bounty is ever present, no matter where I find myself the love of truth is always near.

 For me it is difficult to comprehend how millions of people are so disconnected from the truth of what we are, and, what surrounds us, for me the web that weaves us all together is plainly in view.
Hearing a comment the other day about a time long ago when people once believed everything had a spirit, that people would seek advise from a wise old tree, was a moment of clarity, as I realised as I listened, how completely separated millions of people think they are, they feel that the legends of the past are but myths, fairytale's which hold no truth.
Yet, when you view the world as I do, seeing and hearing the spirit in all, this level of disbelief is difficult to fathom.
What is it that gives me the ability to see, and leave others walking in the dark?

 We all see the disharmony and pain in the world, the suffering and destruction of this once beautiful planet, a planet that is now being torn apart by the greed of man, for the daydream of ownership, none of us own Gaia, the quest for pieces of real estate is a joke, for in the end she will claim it all back. 
We all agree, I am sure, that a world of harmony and peace would be a better way of live, a world where we honour the beauty of this ravaged and broken planet, and begin the process of restoring her.
To achieve this we must let go of the old outdated lifestyles we now live, for there needs to be a returning to the ways of our ancestors, awakening to the truth will set society free, we must not only embrace our human brothers, but also our brothers in nature, and the animal realms too.
War, hatred, materialism and separation will not bring us peace.
Peace come from seeing the unity of everything,  and walking the world in love................


luksky said...

How ironic. I was just telling hubby the other night how we must be aliens from another planet because we think and feel so differently from the rest of society.

I see the faces, expressions and emotions in the pictures of the trees...

Gemel said...

Spooky.....maybe we are from the same planet;)

Jim said...

Thanks for dropping by today! And I do appreciate the message in your post today. The importance of recognizing the connection we have with EVERYTHING is what a lot of people miss in this life. We can't separate ourselves from anything. To do so would be foolhardy!