Thursday, March 08, 2012

Returning To.........

Returning to the ways of the ancestors has been calling me for some time, replacing the mindlessness of modern society is now a nurturing opening path to truth, and an awareness of love unlike anything I could have ever imagined.

Stepping over the threshold and into a sacred space designed to confront your own mortality, to view the facets of yourself that create the life you lead takes courage as to view all aspects of yourself is confronting, as here in this space you stand naked before the core of creation, open to witness all you manifest.
It is easy to pass off all parts of your life that do not bring serenity as problems another has created for you, yet as I delve deeper into the journey of I, I see truly that the myth of separation is designed to lead us all into a journey of awakening, if you are willing to face the truth.
The trappings of modern society however, lead us continually away from the truth of our existence, for it is designed to keep us disconnected and unconscious to the truth of our own divinity.
Sitting in the space of reverence, observing yourself and your current life story with complete openness and unlimited love has a profound and deeply moving effect upon your concept reality, for, having ventured into the realms of complete oneness, nothing will ever be as it was before.
As the songs of the wind sings a melody to my heart, a chorus of birds begins to join this chant of love, the clouds dancing across the azure sky, the leaves glistening as tiny rainbow orbs shimmer  upon them, merging me with all that surrounds me in this moment of faultless surrender.
Life as we view it in our limited third dimensional reality is but a glimpse of the totality of life, for those of us caught in the false dance of civilised societies have forgotten the authenticity of life.
Walking away from the mindless of that which surrounds you and journeying back to the traditions of old is not for everyone, as the fear of confronting the truth take courage, for here in this space you realise, that once that first step is taken, there will be no turning back, you genuinely will find heaven. 
Heaven is not a place somewhere in the clouds, heaven resides within every aspect of the universe, even in you. What millions search for is not outside of them, it is there laying within the core of their centre, snuggled within the confines of their aching hearts, waiting for them to come home.
Seeing the gloriousness of the universe within you is astonishing, for as you realise this complete truth, nothing will ever be the same again. 
In the dawning of my new reality I stand cleansed and open, a vibrancy has engulfed me, all illusions shattered.
In a society where disconnection and dysfunction is encouraged, leaving this space and re-entering it's mindlessness only strengthens the changes within, for the clarity I take with me sees through the deception we are forced to live.
The only thing that stops us from finding the way to inner harmony is fear, fear of seeing our own limitless divinity, and, the realisation that love is the answer to all situations that create disharmony within our life stories.
As the pathway of my story stretches out before me I see no goal, no destination, I simply allow the moments of now to infuse my soul with love, allowing the purifying hum of creation to pen my life with love..............

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